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Garry Winogrand’s “Untitled,” 1955

A rare work from an early series

9.25 x 14.25″ black & white photograph, $12,000

Garry Winogrand’s photographs are sophisticated, chance observations of daily life that demonstrate his mastery of the 35-mm camera. He was fond of visual puns and tilted exposures; he photographed, he said, “to see what the world looks like in photographs.” Although his approach was lighthearted, his formal acuity and absurdist appreciation for the visual world were serious innovations that reverberate in the work of many contemporary photographers.

In his essay Garry Winogrand’s Republic, Leo Rubenfein states,

“Winogrand seems to declare that life cannot be known unless it is scrutinized fragment by physical fragment, and there is an insurgent, democratic insistence that he will believe his own eyes before he listens to anyone else.”

from Garry Winogrand
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2013

This untitled photograph from 1955 is from a pictorial essay “What Makes Nick Run” published in Pageant in May of that year. Here the amateur boxer is at home eating with family, a collection of individual vignettes cast around the table. Winogrand’s presence is hardly noticed while the father pours, the fighter eats and the women are busy at the sink.

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