The Little Gallery

Richmond Burton’s “Waters Edge” and Thom Merrick’s


Waters Edge 60 x 48" $35,000

Waters Edge
60 x 48″

Writing in Art in America Raphael Rubinstein commented that, ” too few painters seem to be willing to get in the ring with great artists of  the past, to really grapple with their strong predecessors…Hats off to painters who do take up such challenges directly …as Richmond Burton in relation to Pollock and Matisse. “

Burton is certainly recognized for his adept and ravishing use of color.  He is equally absorbed  by the structure beneath the surface of his paintings.

Midday Solitaire 2013, oil on canvas, 28.5 x 42" $8,500

Midday Solitaire
2013, oil on canvas, 28.5 x 42″


Similarly Thom Merrick is also schooled in a tradition of structure-coming from a sculptors background- he uses an underlying grid or pattern to locate and then plant his imagery on canvas.  While Burton is absorbed in the  mosaic like arrangements and rhythms of color  that occupy his dreams and imagination,  Merrick selects  trees and shrubs found in the desert  many miles east of Los Angeles.
So here are two different painters at work both from our inventory of new works. Categorically different in style yet conceptually linked by both an interest in and a passion for color and light and order.