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Jane Rosen


Works on Paper


Jane Rosen reveals nature’s soul. Her sculptures, drawings and prints of birds and animals bring us into their consciousness. We confront their awareness of their existence within nature, their biological harmony with it and their acceptance of its life-and-death demands. For Rosen, the beauty of the natural world isn’t the issue; though of course the birds, animals and art she makes of them are beautiful. The issue is one of probing the root experience of being alive so that our human awareness, brilliant in our creativity yet flawed by our arrogance, is deepened.


To engage with Rosen’s imagery is to experience the absoluteness of life’s individual moments. Rosen perceives that nature’s fundamental demand is to exist in the “now.” The consciousness and even the physical mass beneath the membrane of feathers and fur of her birds and animals are fully concentrated on the needs and facts of that moment. Rosen understands how this hyper-engagement is necessary for the animal world’s survival. She is also telling us that in our modern human experience of daily distraction, we have not only grown away from nature but from totally lived moments.


Though Rosen’s career was firmly established in her native New York in the 1970s and 80s, with well received exhibitions and a teaching position at the School of Visual Arts, a trip to Northern California provided an unexpected pivot for her aesthetic vision and her life. The magnitude of nature is an inescapable reality in California, and its raw presence imposed itself on Rosen’s senses. Its pulse was perceptible, its details clearly visible. The primal facts and experiences of life seemed to be opening themselves to her, and as an artist its call was irresistible. After a period of bi-coastal living, with a teaching position at University of California, Berkeley and extended stays in New York for re-immersion in her professional career, Rosen finally made the break from her urban existence as an artist in New York to a life as an artist on her ranch in California.


Rosen continues to exhibit in New York, California and across the country. She has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards including a full National Endowment for the Arts award for sculpture. Her work is represented in major museum and corporate collections throughout the United States and internationally, including the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, the Luso American Foundation in Portugal, the United States Embassy in Tunisa, and other venues.

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