The Little Gallery

Summer Whites, Summer Nights

White is a color ironically associated with two seasons: winter and summer, opposites if you will. While winter whites suggest snow and frost, summer whites suggest the long days of sunshine, the feeling that the days and nights have slowed for a while and we can rest, relax and enjoy.

I think the artists here represent those same feelings in a language all their own distinguished by their color and feel…like summer
These works range from the highly colorful coastal scene by Gregory Amenoff to the variable colors of Thom Merrick’s portrait of singular  trees he discovers in the desert of California. Also included are  the monochromatic whites imagined in paint by Mark Petersen and the white of the cast glass sculpted by Jane Rosen. Add to this list images of boats by Kathryn Lynch, the sky by Frank Holliday and textured painted boxes by Squeak Carnwath.